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Weight converter is a tool that allows converting weight and mass units, such as Kilograms, Pounds, Ounces, Grams, Milligrams, Decagrams, Hectograms, Centigrams and Decigrams. For example, with this weight converter you can easily convert kg to pounds (lb), pounds to kg, grams to ounces (oz), ounces to grams, grams to milligrams, hectograms to centigrams and many other variations. The world of units is extremely confusing. Therefore, we’ve developed this weight unit converter to make your life slightly easier. Below you will find a table of common weights and measures:

Table of Weigth and Mass Measurement Unit Names, Abbreviations and Types

Unit Abbreviation Type
Milligram mg Metric
Gram g Metric
Kilogram kg Metric
Pound lb Imperial
Ounce oz Imperial
Decagrams dag Metric
Hectograms hg Metric
Centigrams cg Metric
Decigrams dg Metric

Common Weights and Mass Measures Tables

1 Milligram (mg) = 0.001 gram (g) 0.000001 kilogram (kg) 0.0000022 pounds (lb) 0.0003527 ounces (oz) 0.00001 decagrams (dag) 0.0001 hectograms (hg) 0.1 centigrams (cg) 0.01 decigrams (dg)
1 Gram (g) = 1000 milligram (mg) 0.001 kilogram (kg) 0.0022 pounds (lb) 0.035 ounces (oz) 0.1 decagrams (dag) 0.01 hectograms (hg) 100 centigrams (cg) 10 decigrams (dg)
1 Kilogram (kg) = 1000000 milligram (mg) 1000 gram (g) 2.20 pounds (lb) 35.27 ounces (oz) 100 decagrams (dag) 10 hectograms (hg) 100000 centigrams (cg) 10000 decigrams (dg)
1 Pound (lb) = 453592 milligram (mg) 453.55 gram (g) 0.45 kilogram (kg) 16 ounces (oz) 45.35 decagrams (dag) 4.53 hectograms (hg) 45359 centigrams (cg) 4535.9 decigrams (dg)
1 Ounce (oz) = 28349.5 milligram (mg) 28.34 gram (g) 0.028 kilogram (kg) 0.06 pound (lb) 2.83 decagrams (dag) 0.28 hectograms (hg) 2834.9 centigrams (cg) 283.49 decigrams (dg)
1 Decagrams (dag) = 10000 milligram (mg) 10 gram (g) 0.01 kilogram (kg) 0.022 pound (lb) 0.35 ounce (oz) 0.1 hectograms (hg) 1000 centigrams (cg) 100 decigrams (dg)
1 Hectograms (hg) = 100000 milligram (mg) 100 gram (g) 0.1 kilogram (kg) 0.22 pound (lb) 3.52 ounce (oz) 10 decagrams (dag) 10000 centigrams (cg) 1000 decigrams (dg)
1 Centigrams (cg) = 10 milligram (mg) 0.01 gram (g) 0.00001 kilogram (kg) 0.00002205 pound (lb) 0.00035274 ounce (oz) 0.001 decagrams (dag) 0.0001 hectograms (hg) 0.1 decigrams (dg)
1 Decigrams (dg) = 100 milligram (mg) 0.1 gram (g) 0.0001 kilogram (kg) 0.00022046 pound (lb) 0.0035274 ounce (oz) 0.01 decagrams (dag) 0.001 hectograms (hg) 10 centigrams (cg)

Common Weight & Mass Questions

What is the weight/mass of the Earth?

The weight/mass of the Earth is 5.972 × 10^24 kg (i.e. 5,972,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilograms (kg).

What is the weight of an elephant?

African elephant weights in a region of 3 tonnes (3,000 kg) to 7 tonnes (7,000 kg), while an Asian elephant weight can range from 2 tonnes (2,000 kg) to 5 tonnes (5,500 kg).

What is the heaviest animal in the world?

Blue Whale is the heaviest animal on the planet Earth with a mass of approximately 190,000 kg (190 tonnes).

What is the difference between ton and tonne?

“Tonne” is a Metric Measure, where 1 tonne equals to 1,000 kilograms (kg) or 2204.62 pounds. There are 2 versions of a “ton”, US and Imperial. Imperial “ton” is equal to 1,016 kilograms (kg) or 2239.897 pounds, where as the US “ton” is equal to 907 kilograms (kg) or 1999.59 pounds.

How much does 1 litre of water weight?

1 litre of water is equal to 1 kilogram (kg).

What is the weight of a human brain?

The adult human brain has a weight of approximately 1,400 grams (1.4 kg or 3 pounds).

What is the weight/mass of the moon?

The weight of the moon is 7.35 x 10^22 kilograms (kg). This is about 1.2% the mass of the Earth.

What is the weight/mass of the Mars?

The weight of the Mars is 6.39 x 10^23 kilograms (kg).

What is the weight/mass of Jupiter?

The weight of Jupiter is 1.898 x 10^27 kilograms (kg).

What is the weight/mass of Uranus?

The weight of Uranus is 8.681 x 10^25 kilograms (kg).

What is the weight/mass of Saturn?

The weight of Saturn is 5.683 x 10^26 kilograms (kg).

What is the weight/mass of the Sun?

The weight of the Sun is 1.989 × 10^30 kilograms (kg).

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